A volunteer win for the Far North – Congratulations Alwin

Volunteer of the Year Alwin Koo (centre) with Superintendent David Tucker and Acting Chief Superintendent Ben Marcus.

Neighbourhood Watch groups in the Far North are extremely proud of the efforts of Woree NHW volunteer Alwin Koo after he was awarded Volunteer of the Year at the recent NHW State Conference in Beenleigh.

Alwin is well known throughout Far Northern NHW groups for his tireless efforts with promoting and developing NHW and his outstanding management of the Far Northern NHW Facebook pages.

We often wonder if Alwin manages to get any sleep at night as he continually comes up with new initiatives and ideas to help promote and improve NHW in the Far North.

Alwin is a tremendous support to the District Crime Prevention Office and has been warned that he is never to leave the area because we couldn’t cope without him.

Sergeant Michael McGarry (centre) NHWQ Police Liaison Officer of the Year for the Far North.

A special mention also goes to Sergeant Michael McGarry from Edmonton Police Station who was awarded NHW Police Liaison Officer of the Year for the Far Northern District. Sergeant McGarry has worked closely with the Edmonton NHW group for several years and provides support and advice to the group at their monthly meetings. Thank you Sergeant McGarry and congratulations on your award.

Alwin Koo with Sergeant Michael McGarry (awarded Police Liaison Officer of the Year for the Far Northern District).

Alwin single-handedly kicked off NHW Facebook pages in the Far North and he continues to provide monthly statistical updates to each group. He was also responsible for developing the Bike Identification card that is now a permanent resource on the NHWQ Blog.

Earlier this year Alwin was awarded the NHW Gold volunteer award and he has been a nominee on several occasions for the NHWA Malcolm Grant Award.

The list of Alwin’s accolades are too long to mention but we are extremely proud to say the least that our hard working volunteer has been recognised by the state. Alwin has many new exciting initiatives in the pipeline so watch this space.

Congratulations again Alwin and thank you for the work you do for NHW in the Far North and for NHWQ.




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